Lower Decks

Four young Enterprise ensigns, Nurse Ogawa, Taurik, Sito Jaxa and Sam Lavelle are expecting their promotions. It seems that Lavelle and Sito are both up for the same job as ops relief. Sito, who was involved in the accident in Wesley’s squadron at Starfleet Academy, receives a severe lecture by Picard and a strange lesson in self-defense by Worf, while Nurse Ogawa has to deal with a Cardassian, and Ensign Taurik is to shoot at a shuttle with a phaser. The reason is that Sito is going on an undercover mission where she is to disguise as the Cardassian’s prisoner, to infiltrate the Cardassian Union. The mission fails, and the two are probably killed. Lavelle’s promotion at this cost leaves a bad feeling in him, but the friends and Worf keep bolstering and comforting each other. summary by Ex Astris Scientia
Now this one was completely unnecessary if you ask me. Well, the idea of showing some of the lower staff was good and, if you ask me, I’d love to see more of thes in general but… why kill Sito?! Worf was sweet, though.

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