Ambassador K’Ehleyr beams aboard with disturbing news: Klingon leader K’mpec is about to die. To Worf’s surprise she is accompanied by Alexander, their common son. K’mpec wants Picard as a neutral judge to select the new leader, since he suspects that one of the two contenders poisoned him. He dies briefly after. One contender is Duras, whose father once betrayed his people for which the blame was put on Worf’s father Mogh; the other one is Gowron, who has few supporters in the High Council. When K’Ehleyr is about to find out the truth, Duras kills her. Worf, in turn, kills Duras. Gowron is named chancellor, and Worf decides to let the Rozhenkos raise his son Alexander. summary by Ex-Astris-Scientia

Heh! One of very few Klingon episodes I liked. Recently I’ve been a little fed up with politics in general but this is still a beautiful portrait of corruption and fight for power. Klingon honor nothwithstanding…

Besides, I am a huge fan of K’Ehleyr. Now that’s a woman if you ask me! Charming, sexy and with attitude. Heh heh heh. Wits and strength. She’s got a great sense of humor and distance to herself and both her races. Too bad she gets killed. It would have been far more interesting to see her relationship with Worth evolve. Much more interesting than him and that Trill in DS9. ;-)

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  1. Andreas Says:

    I went back to read your reviwe of The Emissary, and to answer the question you asked there: The actress of K’Ehleyr (Suzie Plakson) did appear in two more Trek episodes. In a previous TNG ep (”The Schizoid Man”) she was the Vulcan Dr. Selar, and she played a female Q in Voyager’s “The Q and the Grey”.

    And K’Ehleyr, yes, that is one interesting woman. A real shame she was killed in this episode. No wonder you liked this story, despite it being a Klingon episode. Looks like we found another episode we can pretty much agree on. :) I think we may have a few more of those coming up.

    As for politics in general: Yes, right now it’s easy to get fed up with them. Not only is the international scene a real mess in many ways, but things seem to be taking some rather … “interesting” turns in your country as well these days.

  2. Marka Says:

    Heh! I knew about the Q woman! Almost as cute a character as K’Ehleyr! LOL! But I never noticed Dr Selar. Will have to watch this one again, thanks!

    Uhm… nope. Don’t get me started on politics right now. I’d take Klingon Empire over my own country any day of the week now!

  3. Andreas Says:

    LOL! Knowing how much in love you are with Klingons I am (almost) surprised. ;) But this being a blog about Trek you are right - I shouldn’t get you started on politics. :D

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