Thine own Self

When retrieving radioactive debris from a downed probe on pre-industrial Barkon IV, Data loses his memory and unwittingly spreads the fragments throughout a village. Data befriends a family and especially their daughter Gia. But when the villagers are showing more and more signs of radiation sickness, they put the blame on the strange looking man. They finally lynch and bury him, but the Enterprise manages to locate and salvage him. In the meantime, on the Enterprise, Deanna has passed her last exam for promotion to commander, the subject of which was to be able to condemn one crew member to death in order to save the ship. summary by Ex Astris Scientia
Cool! Two separate stories, I’m not sure which was more interesting. Data with his memory lost was excellent, as usual. I particularly liked his interaction with that village “doctor”.
The other plot, with Deanna… well, I know a lot of people believe she should have never been promoted but I disagree. Also Riker, not giving her a clue was a nice touch. All in all, highly recommended.

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